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  • COMPLETE AIRPLANE PARACHUTE: An optional ICON Complete Airplane Parachute brings the entire airplane gently to the ground in case of an emergency.
  • COMPOSITE AIRFRAME: The A5’s airframe is constructed of high-strength, lightweight carbon fiber which provides the utmost in durability and performance.
  • AOA GAUGE: The Angle of Attack (AoA) gauge provides a direct readout of the lift performance of the aircraft regardless of vehicle speed, weight or maneuvering.
  • INTUITIVE COCKPIT: The A5 cockpit uses smart ergonomics and a logical instrument layout to keep your focus where it belongs — outside the airplane.
  • FORGIVING FLIGHT CHARACTERISTICS: The ICON A5 has been carefully designed to be fun, safe and easy to fly across a broad flight envelope.
  • RELIABLE ENGINE: The Rotax 912, 4-cycle, 100 hp engine is the top choice among Light Sport Aircraft manufacturers because of its reliability and durability.