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ICON 100: The Founders Club - Lead the Revolution


The first 100 ICON A5 customer deliveries will be exclusive A5 Founders Edition models. As of mid-2011, the ICON 100 Founders Edition program is completely subscribed and no delivery positions are available. Details of the ICON 100 program are included below for informational purposes only. For customers interested in placing a deposit for a standard ICON A5 aircraft, the Standard A5 Deposit Program remains open.


Reserving a Founders Edition Aircraft, and thereby joining the ICON 100, involved a higher deposit. To offset the increased commitment, the ICON 100 program included a list of additional benefits (see below).

Founders Edition Aircraft:  ICON will only manufacture 100 aircraft as part of this program. Each ICON 100 airframe will be identified by an upgraded interior and special ICON 100 exterior paint scheme. These limited edition aircraft are expected to significantly increase in value due to the limited numbers and earlier availability.

Earlier Delivery Date:  Given the incredible market response and current order backlog, the next available A5 position is scheduled for delivery sometime in 2018. However, the ICON 100 positions, the first 100 in the delivery order, will deliver some two years earlier.

Exclusive Access to ICON Special Events:  As ICON completes the flight test program and begins production, ICON 100 owners will be granted exclusive “behind the scenes” access to product development and production. ICON 100 owners will be offered early access to customer demonstration flights and other company events, including flight tests, air shows and air race events.

Direct Access to the CEO:  Given the important role that ICON 100 members play in the early development of the company, all ICON 100 members will have direct access to the CEO and will be invited to share a unique, one-on-one relationship with the company as it progresses. ICON 100 members will also receive the most updated information direct from the CEO before all other customers. Lastly, alongside this historical aviation development, ICON 100 members will be invited to help advise the company and shape early product options and the customer experience wherever possible.


Note: ICON 100 terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.