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  • HIGH-VISIBILITY CANOPY: The wrap-around canopy provides superb visibility for increased safety and enjoyment of the world outside.
  • OVERHEAD CONSOLE: ICON groups safety controls in a convenient overhead console — everything is within easy reach.
  • SMART INSTRUMENT CLUSTER: Key instruments are grouped in an easy-to-read cluster that provides all the information needed to fly.
  • GARMIN AERA 796 GPS: Garmin’s flagship removable touchscreen GPS unit is available on the A5 and will be integrated at the top of the center stack.
  • SPORT SEATING: Wrap yourself in contoured, waterproof sport seats that are reclined to 25 degrees for comfort and performance.
  • REMOVABLE SIDE WINDOWS: Experience open-air flying with the ICON A5’s easy-to-remove side windows.
  • ROOMY INTERIOR: The A5’s roomy interior features smart ergonomics, interior styling and creature comforts expected from today’s premium automobiles.