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A5 First Flight

  • The A5 prototype being prepped early in the morning after arriving at the test site.
  • The prototype slides off its trailer and floats for the first time.
  • The A5 prototype gets pushed off the shore for the start of flight testing with ICON Led Aero Engineer and Test Pilot Jon Karkow at the controls.
  • Prototype and chase boat during a water-taxi test.
  • The A5 rises up on step during a high-speed water-taxi run.
  • First flight – the A5 prototype lifts off for the first time.
  • The prototype climbs out to begin the first phase of flight testing.
  • The prototype makes a low pass by a chase boat as it comes in for a landing.
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  • The prototype heading for the shore after first flight.
  • VP of Engineering Matthew Gionta and Lead Aero Engineer and Test Pilot Jon Karkow shake hands after the first test flight.
  • ICON CEO Kirk Hawkins congratulates Jon Karkow after the flight.
  • The ICON team at the end of the day’s testing.

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