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A5 Videos
Reinvent Flying
Video: Reinvent Flying
First Person View
Video: First Person View
Angle of Attack
Video: Angle of Attack
Spin Resistance
Video: Spin Resistance
System Animations
Video: System Animations
Microsoft Flight
Video: Microsoft Flight
ParkZone ICON A5 RC
Video: ParkZone ICON A5 RC
A5 Stall Testing
Video: A5 Stall Testing
A5 Flight Video 2
Video: A5 Flight Video 2
A5 Flight Video 1
Video: A5 Flight Video 1
First Flight
Video: First Flight
A5 Construction
Video: A5 Construction
A5 Unveiling
Video: A5 Unveiling
Press Videos
Stanford GSB
Video: Stanford GSB
Tech Toys 360
Video: Tech Toys 360
Dean of Invention
Video: Dean of Invention
CNN Edge of Discovery
Video: CNN Edge of Discovery
CBS Sunday Morning
Video: CBS Sunday Morning
The Today Show
Video: The Today Show
CNBC Power Lunch
Video: CNBC Power Lunch
Discovery Canada
Video: Discovery Canada
Live on Fox News
Video: Live on Fox News
Wired Magazine
Video: Wired Magazine
Discovery Channel
Video: Discovery Channel