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ICON Q1 2020 Company Update

Now that we’ve closed the book on 2019 and are well into executing our 2020 business plan, I feel the time is right to share a company update.

2020 is shaping up to be a great year at ICON Aircraft. Two months in, we’re off to a solid start and gaining momentum. We’re scheduled to deliver our final Founders Edition aircraft (the 100th owner airplane) later this month, which means we will soon have 100 owners with an A5 in their hangar, boat house, RV parking spot, or, in a few cases, on the deck of a yacht. Many of our first 100 owners have been with us for years and have become some of our closest ambassadors and friends. We are very grateful to have them with us at the center of our growing owner community.

As we look to the year ahead, our manufacturing and commercial capabilities will continue to evolve. Here are a few specific updates for 2020:

  • Continued commitment to safety:
    • As part of our continued commitment to safety, ICON will be including a voucher for transition training with the purchase of an A5 in 2020, even on pre-owned aircraft not purchased from ICON.
  • 2020 Options and Pricing:
    • Pricing starts at $359,000 for a fully configured ICON A5.
      • We’ve started to realize efficiencies in our manufacturing process and recently elected to shift most of the final assembly process to our manufacturing facility in Tijuana. We are happy to see our decade-long investment in manufacturing start to pay off and to pass that savings to new owners.
    • There are two new exterior paint upgrades available
    • Delivery timing is 2 to 4 months (US only), but that’s likely to increase as we move into summer because of an anticipated increase in demand.
  • International Deliveries:
    • In short, nothing to announce yet. We know there is demand for the A5 outside of the US. We are working hard on expanding into several new markets and will share updates as they become available.
  • Staying Connected to our Owners:
    • We will be holding the first in a series of Owner Dinners in Seattle next month with members of the executive team.
    • We are also planning our first A5 Owner Fly-In for early this summer, with more details to follow.
    • We have re-structured organizationally and now have a formal Owner Experience team that will focus entirely to ensure the best possible ownership experience.
  • Our World-Class Manufacturing Capabilities are in Demand:
    • Our production facility in Tijuana has been featured in numerous industry and aviation publications over the past year. The facility and our carbon fiber manufacturing capabilities are truly impressive. We’re actively considering partners interested in leveraging our resources and expertise for contract manufacturing across composites, assembly, and engineering services.

ICON Aircraft turns twelve this year, but in many ways we are still a new company with new challenges. We do not take anything for granted and maintain the same spirit and passion for creating value for our shareholders, owners, and partners as we did on day one. As you can imagine, a substantial portion of my time as President and COO has been spent ensuring the continued health of ICON to get us through 2020 and beyond. I feel confident that our business plan is realistic, yet still appropriately forward-leaning to accomplish our goals.

I truly believe that we have an opportunity to not only disrupt an industry but also change peoples’ lives, enabling them to do things that they previously only dreamed about. Our entire team is determined. We have the tools and capabilities to be successful, and we will continue to build out the organization with strong talent across all levels.

On a personal note, I’d also like to share with you that I’m about to finish my PPL training, which I have been working on in the A5 over the past several months. It’s been an outstanding experience and I’m excited and proud to become a “winged” member of the ICON family soon.

Thank you for your continued support and for allowing me to share these updates. As always, please connect with our team at if you’re interested in learning more about a potential 2020 purchase.

Thomas Wieners
President and COO – ICON Aircraft