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Prestige Imports and ICON Aircraft partner to showcase the ICON A5 in South Florida

ICON Aircraft and Prestige Imports partnership will focus on ICON’s vision to make personal adventure flying more accessible.

MIAMI, Florida – March 12, 2019 – ICON Aircraft, maker of the revolutionary ICON A5 Light Sport Aircraft, today announced a partnership with Brett David and Prestige Imports, a leading luxury car dealership in North Miami Beach, FL. The ICON A5 will be available in the Prestige Imports 2.0 showroom as part of the Prestige Aviation division.

Together, ICON Aircraft and Prestige Imports will introduce adventure flying and personal aviation to customers who until now had likely never considered becoming pilots. The plane will be displayed in the dealership showroom alongside high-end exotic vehicles such as Paganis and Lamborghinis, with dedicated specialists ready to engage with customers.

“Our customers crave ways to enjoy life and unlock what was believed to be unattainable adventures,” said Brett David, CEO of Prestige Imports. “Since 1977, we have come to deeply understand the South Florida luxury lifestyle and the ICON A5 fits perfectly. The partnership with ICON reinforces Prestige Imports’ dedication to luxury transportation on land, air and sea.”

“This partnership with Prestige Imports reinforces our mission to redefine what it means to be a pilot and expand the bounds of personal aviation,” said Mike Farley, VP of Sales and Marketing for ICON Aircraft. “Much like the exotic cars in the showroom, the ICON A5 is unreal. Flying with the windows out, wind in your hair, is a visceral experience. The ICON A5 enables you to explore the planet in ways you’ve only dreamed about.”

To inspire a new generation of flyers, ICON designed the A5 to reconnect people with the pure joy of flying. Much like the exotic cars on the Prestige Showroom floor, the A5 is painstakingly crafted for performance, from its industry-leading safety features such as a full plane parachute to a cockpit that minimizes complexity. And the A5 requires only a sport pilot license to fly, which takes about half as long as a private pilot license to earn.

Prestige Imports is located at 14800 Biscayne Blvd, in the heart of North Miami Beach. Through the end of April, ICON is offering a special Mentor Pilot Program that includes up to $15,000 of credit toward an ICON Flight Instructor in the first year of ownership with the purchase of an A5. Terms and conditions apply. For more information, email