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Safety Innovation

Peace of mind at 1,000 feet.

ICON is dedicated to ensuring pilots are equipped with all the tools necessary for a lifetime of safe flying. This includes state-of-the-art safety features that are built into the ICON A5, to ensure pilots of all skill levels can remain as safe as possible while enjoying their A5 adventures.

ICON Parachute System (IPS)

Safe and Sound. IPS technology has more than 300 documented lives saved, some at altitudes as low as a few hundred feet. So if you encounter the unexpected, we’ve got you covered. Literally.

Angle of Attack (AoA)

Small gauge. Big difference. This single gauge tells you everything you need to know. Any speed. Any load. Any maneuver.

Spin-Resistant Airframe (SRA)

Always under control. After thousands of hours of testing and development, the A5 is the world’s first spin-resistant Light Sport Aircraft.

Flying made easy.

Intuitive. Ergonomic. Beautifully simple.


Angle of Attack (AoA)

Small gauge. Big difference. This instrument is unique to the A5. It simplifies flying, telling you everything you need to know during flight. Located at the top of the instrument cluster and within easy line of sight for the pilot, the Angle of Attack gauge provides an instantaneous read of how close the wing is to stalling. This informs the pilot how much more it’s possible to ask of the airplane, regardless of the atmospheric conditions, the maneuver, or how the plane is loaded and configured.

Incredible Visibility.

With the engine in the back and a low instrument panel, the A5’s panoramic canopy allows for unparalleled visibility to see and avoid.
Intuitive Controls

Responsive Controls

Inspired by military aircraft, the A5 uses a center stick to control the ailerons and elevator. This intuitive interface provides direct feedback to the pilot, in keeping with the A5’s sport flying mission.
LVL Button

LVL Button

For added safety, the Garmin autopilot control panel includes the advanced LVL mode button, which commands automatic recovery from steep or unusual attitudes and returns the aircraft to straight-and-level flight at the push of a button.

ICON Flight Training

ICON’s mission is to make flying more accessible and enjoyable to as many current or future aviators as possible. At its core, ICON has built a company with safety as its foundation. From a flight training curriculum built from the ground up to rigorous and steadfast flight safety standards, ICON is proud to share our safety philosophy and experiences with the aviation community.

Whether you’re considering owning your own ICON A5 or simply want to discover its incredible features, ICON offers a number of flight training options.

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Safety and Training Resources

Flying the ICON A5 in High Density Altitude Environments

On even a cold day, operating in water environments at higher elevations provides some challenges that are important for A5 pilots to understand. 

10 Hacks Every ICON A5 Pilot Should Know

With over 3000 hours in the ICON A5 collectively, our Tampa-based IFC Instructors compiled 10 Hacks every ICON pilot should know. 

How I Found a Flight School Near Me

Finding a local flight school is quite daunting—many of the schools near me had the same aircraft, advertised private pilot training, and well, seemingly had plenty of flight instructors. How could I choose which would be the most efficient to not only earn my private pilot license?

Flight Planning: Ferrying the ICON A5 from California to Michigan

The ICON A5 is a very unique aircraft with some incredible flight characteristics. When it comes to planning a cross-country flight, there are a few particular safety items to keep in mind. Here is a look at a ferry flight across the United States from ICON’s Marketing Manager.

Reviewing Safety Considerations for Flying in Busy Airspace

For pilots who may be more familiar with flying at uncontrolled airports, flying in Class D, C, or B Airspace can be intimidating. If you are a Sport Pilot and want to broaden your horizons by seeking an additional endorsement in your logbook to fly in these areas, this video should offer an initial introduction for what to expect.

Safety Considerations for Landing with your Gear in the Correct Position

It seems simple enough: extend the landing gear when intending to land on a runway or other prepared surface, and retract the gear when landing on the water. The unfortunate truth is that accidents and incidents caused by landing with gear in the incorrect position occur far too frequently.

Landing the ICON A5 in Downtown Seattle | The Lake Union Approach

What allows the A5 to fly in this environment? What factors should a pilot consider to ensure this flight is performed safely? Flying the A5 in Seattle may be one of the most unique flights a pilot can experience in the country, especially considering how immersed the A5 makes you feel amongst the Seattle skyscrapers.

Flying the ICON A5 at Lake Isabel

An A5 Flight Instructor recently flew to one of the most popular seaplane destinations near Seattle. Watch how she planned her trip and approached a new area.

Flying the ICON A5 on a Cross Country Flight | Seattle to Spokane, WA

What’s the range of the ICON A5? It’s a question we at ICON Aircraft receive on a consistent basis. I recently had the chance to fly the A5 from Seattle to Spokane, WA, making a stop at Grant County International Airport.

ICON Instructor Pilot Profile: Jo McPherson

Meet IAFI Joanna McPherson: A Mother of Six and a Civil Air Patrol Volunteer Inspired to Become a Pilot and an ICON Authorized Flight Instructor