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Garmin Account Setup

What to know before you fly

The ICON A5 comes outfitted with two avionics options: a removable Garmin Aera 796 or the new G3X Touch™ 7″ flight display. The Garmin Aera 796 is available on previous A5 models and the new certified edition, while the latest ICON A5 includes the G3X Touch™ with optional autopilot. Both avionics systems are touch screen displays that have customizable 3D terrain views, display modes, moving maps with sectional markings, secondary instrument clusters, and flight planning systems. And both require database updates by Garmin for the latest map features, aeronautical charts, terrain, and any software fixes.

Registering their G3X Touch™ is an important first step for ICON A5 Owners. Before the first flight, the Garmin database will need to be updated by the owner’s FlyGarmin account prior to aircraft delivery or ferry flight. If this step is not performed, the G3X Touch™ will be outdated and may be missing key information regarding airports, maps, charts, and other important features.

To set up your personal account, visit the FlyGarmin link here.

After your account has been created, you’ll need to download the Garmin Aviation Database Manager (GADM) to your MAC or PC. This site also has instructional videos available to guide you. GADM enables you to download databases from Garmin for installation on your device(s) using removable media appropriate to your device. You can manage multiple devices, including Garmin GPS aviation watches.

Updating the Garmin G3X Touch™

The Garmin G3X Touch™ uses an SD Card to update its database. Garmin recommends using a 8GB SD card, by Sandisk or Toshiba, (and an SD card reader) to transfer data from your Mac or PC to the device in the aircraft.

To obtain your system ID on the G3X Touch™, please contact your ICON Customer Advocate. If you’ve already taken delivery of your A5, please use our reference guide below on how to access the ID specific to your aircraft.

Connect your Garmin Pilot App or ForeFlight App to the G3X Touch™

The Garmin G3X Touch™ integrates with other Garmin avionics, allowing seamless control and display of information such as traffic, weather, radios, audio, and more. New Garmin technology allows for pairing Garmin Pilot or ForeFlight from your phone or tablet to the G3X Touch™. Flight plans can easily be transferred from the palm of your hand to the aircraft through Bluetooth. ADS-B traffic information can also be sent from the G3X Touch™ to your mobile device or tablet via the Garmin GTX-45R. This allows wifi-only tablets to use the moving map and obtain traffic information via ForeFlight or Garmin Pilot while in-flight.

Just like pairing any two Bluetooth devices, locate the setup tab on the menu screen of the G3X Touch™. Under setup, you’ll find a ‘Bluetooth’ button that will take you to a screen to search for devices to pair. Make sure that the Bluetooth on your phone or tablet is on, to be recognized. Once paired, the phone will prompt to share an existing flight plan or you can select a ‘connect’ option in the appropriate app. Once the G3X Touch™is connected, the GTX-45R should display as a separate Bluetooth device to pair on your phone or tablet. Both the G3X Touch™ and the GTX-45R should be paired to your phone or tablet to receive all of the flight information. (Note: Pairing the GTX-45R to the G3X Touch™ as a Bluetooth device will slow down the connection to your phone or tablet, and is not advised.)

Garmin Aera 796

The Garmin Aera 796 needs to be removed from the center console of the A5 to plug into your computer for updating. To remove the device from the A5 center console, use the easy release button on the left side of the device. A mini-USB cord (not to be confused with a micro-USB cord) is required to connect the 796 to a computer, as shown above.

The Garmin Aera 796 will connect to Bluetooth audio devices like a Bose A20 headset. Unfortunately, Garmin Pilot and ForeFlight do not communicate with the Aera 796.

Both the Garmin G3X Touch™ and the Garmin Aera 796 offer a multi-purpose tool for modern day flight planning. Flying without updating the ICON A5 avionics is tantamount to flying with an old chart or map. In order to fully maximize these tools, it’s important to keep the databases up-to-date for the latest in sectional charts, terrain, map features, and to correct any possible bugs.

For any further questions on updating the avionics systems or to learn more about the difference between the Garmin G3X™ Touch and Aera 796, contact a member of the ICON Team here.