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ICON A5 Sales

Are you ready to start your A5 adventures?

Owning an ICON A5 is as easy as flying one. With a streamlined sales process, world-class customer service, and service and training partners across the country, purchasing and owning your A5 is a breeze.

How to Buy

Path to A5 Ownership

Request your A5 Demo Flight

Start your ownership journey by connecting with an ICON Product Specialist and requesting your complimentary demo flight. You have to experience the versatile and amphibious ICON A5 to believe it. Your adventures await.

Purchase Process

  • Determine financing and insurance options.
    Our sales team will provide consultative support every step of the way, including connecting you with trusted partners for industry-leading financing and insurance solutions. Connect with your Regional Sales Director at or 1.800.577.2379.
  • Select your configuration and options.
    You’ll work with our team to select your preferred A5 model (S-LSA or Type Certified), options, and appearance scheme. The ICON A5 Limited Edition (S-LSA) is available now for delivery in the USA. The ICON A5 Certified Edition (Type Certified) is expected to be available Q4 2022.
  • Sign Purchase Agreement with down payment.
    Receive your Aircraft Purchase Agreement, including a delivery window, within 48 hours of configuring your A5. Sign your agreement electronically and provide a 20% deposit to secure your delivery position. Final payment plus taxes (if applicable) and any additional accessories or add-ons are due at closing.
  • Coordinate your custom training plan.
    To fly the Light Sport ICON A5, you’ll need your Sport Pilot License (SPL). Your Sport Pilot License will take about 4 weeks to complete. If you’re already a Sport Pilot or above, ICON offers two transition courses depending on your previous experience.
  • Determine your closing and delivery plan.
    ICON offers a customized aircraft delivery experience to suit your needs. 30 days prior to delivery, schedule your factory delivery experience in Vacaville, CA, or coordinate to close and take delivery at a location near you.

Close / Take Delivery of your A5

Sign the Operating Agreement electronically and set up your financing or funds transfer to arrive on or before your closing date. Come to Vacaville for delivery and ownership training or have your A5 flown to you.

Own A5

Join our community of like-minded owners and experience the A5 as it was meant to, with others. Our expanding national network of ICON Service Partners means that you’ll have support wherever you go to keep your A5 up in the air and skimming the waves.

Who Owns the ICON A5?

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Where Our Owners Are Based

Cost of Ownership


With the versatility of operating on or off airport as well as the flexibility to use either 91 octane auto gas or 100LL AvGas, the ICON A5 has some of the lowest operating costs of any small aircraft. The A5’s Rotax 912 iS engine is one of the most widely utilized, reliable, and efficient engines in General Aviation, making it a perfect choice for adventure flying.

Fixed Costs:
Insurance (5 year average) $983 $11,800 Insurance cost varies according to pilot experience & hull value
100 hr Inspection (or Annual) $396 $4750
Hangar / Tie Down $500 $6,000
Wash / Detailing $100 $1,200
Avionics Subscription $38 $450 Assumes activation of all available avionics subscriptions
Monthly Fixed Costs $2,017

Insurance cost varies according to pilot experience & hull value

Assumes activation of all available avionics subscriptions

Fixed Costs:
Insurance (5 year average) Monthly: $983
Annual: $11,800
Insurance cost varies according to pilot experience & hull value
100 hr Inspection (or Annual) Monthly: $396
Annual: $4,750
Hangar / Tie Down Monthly: $500
Annual: $6,000
Wash / Detailing Monthly: $100
Annual: $1,200
Avionics Subscription Monthly: $38
Annual: $450
Assumes activation of all available avionics subscriptions
Monthly Fixed Costs: $2,017
Variable Costs:
Total Cost:
Hourly Cost:
Fuel $6/gal 4.25 gal/hr $26
50 hour Inspections / Oil Changes $500 50 hrs $10
Oil $6 10 hrs $1
Variable Costs:
Fuel: Total Cost: $6/gal
Interval: 4.25 gal/hr
Hourly Cost: $26
50 hour Inspection / Oil Changes Total Cost: $500
Interval: 50 hrs
Hourly Cost: $10
Oil Total Cost: $6
Interval: 10 hrs
Hourly Cost: $1
Unscheduled Maintenance
(Service Bulletins/Ads/etc.)
Total Cost: $30
Interval: 1 hr
Hourly Cost: $30
IPS Inspection/Repack Total Cost: $7,500
Interval: 8 yrs
Hourly Cost: $9
Engine Overhaul
(or replacement)
Total Cost: $20,000
Interval: 2,000 hrs
Hourly Cost: $10
Engine Rubber Replacement Total Cost: $8,000
Interval: 5 yrs
Hourly Cost: $16
Airframe Overhaul
Total Cost: $20,000
Interval: 2,000 hrs
Hourly Cost: $10
Propeller Inspection
Total Cost: $1,000
Interval: 2,000 hrs
Hourly Cost: $1
Total Variable Cost per Hour: $113
Unscheduled Maintenance
(Service Bulletins/Ads/etc)
$30 1 hr $30
IPS Inspection/Repack $7,500 8 yrs $9
Engine Overhaul (or replacement) $20,000 2,000 hrs $10
Engine Rubber Replacement $8,000 5 yrs $16
Airframe Overhaul (estimated) $20,000 2,000 hrs $10
Propellor Inspection (estimated) $1,000 2,000 hrs $1
Total Variable Cost per Hour $113

This chart is provided to you as a service by ICON Aircraft. Costs based on 100 hours of flight time annually. It is strongly recommended that you adapt the assumptions to your particular circumstances (e.g., different insurance rates depending on location and pilot qualifications, fuel prices, shop rates for labor, tie-down or hangaring fees). You are the sole judge of your ownership situation. Consult with your accountant on how an aircraft purchase will impact your personal financial situation. ICON Aircraft cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of these materials, including, but not limited to, the formulas contained herein and any and all assumptions made.

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