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A5 Certified Edition

Type Certified Amphibious Aircraft

The Certified Edition matches the capabilities of the Limited Edition S-LSA, but has the benefit of being Type Certified in the Primary Category by the FAA, which allows for more seamless adoption and certification by international aviation authorities. The Certified Edition offers the same performance specifications as the S-LSA model and it comes equipped with the Garmin 796 avionics suite as well as our new Signature livery design, which is available in 3 new color options.

LSA vs Type Certified Overview

Aircraft Certification Standards

Achieving Type Certification for the A5 means that ICON’s design, testing, and manufacturing systems have been reviewed by the FAA to be fully compliant with all applicable requirements for Primary Category aircraft, just like any other GA aircraft. The S-LSA model of the A5 is certified to ASTM standards, which is a different governing body than the FAA. What is unique about ICON’s approach to Type Certification is that many of the same ASTM compliance documents and processes were able to be utilized in the certification process with the FAA, meaning that the S-LSA model of the A5 is manufactured to exceptionally high standards for a Light Sport Aircraft.

A5 Model Differences

Certified Edition vs. Light Sport

The A5 Certified Edition (Type Certified) and the A5 Limited Edition (S-LSA) have the same aircraft specifications and performance capabilities. The main distinction between the two modes is that the Certified Edition has gone through an official and extensive review process by the FAA, which certifies it in the “Primary Category” of aircraft. Primary Category aircraft are recognized by most international aviation authorities and it’s not uncommon for international pilots to register these aircraft with the FAA in the U.S. and export and operate them overseas.

Unfortunately, LSAs are not yet recognized by many international aviation authorities, which makes the Certified Edition preferable for A5 owners who wish to be able to operate outside the United States.


Flight Training and License Requirements

While the S-LSA model of the A5 can be flown by pilots with sport pilot privileges and a seaplane endorsement, the Type Certified A5 requires a private pilot certificate and a seaplane rating to operate in the U.S., and the equivalent certifications and ratings abroad. ICON is establishing a network of international training partners to support owners outside of the U.S. For more information on ICON Flight Training, review the frequently asked questions by clicking the button below.

CE Appearance Options

Available Now

Electric Blue

Electric Blue

Dynamic and captivating, Electric Blue gives the A5 Certified Edition a regal presence on the ramp or in the marina.
Electric Green

Electric Green

The mesmerizing Electric Green colorway is the flagship design of the A5 Certified Edition. Sure to draw a crowd, this colorway is meant to be noticed.
Strata Gray

Strata Gray

An understated colorway that makes a big statement, Strata Gray celebrates the form and design language of the A5.

Certified Edition FAQ

Why did you elect to pursue Type Certification in the Primary Category for the A5?

In order to become facilitate international sales and meet the needs of deposit holders and sales partners outside the U.S., ICON decided to initiate the FAA Type Certification process for the A5. While it is true that some countries recognize the Light Sport category, others do not. In addition, the A5’s weight is slightly more than the limit for amphibious LSA aircraft. In the U.S., ICON pursued and obtained a waiver from the FAA for the weight of the A5. Given that each country would require this same waiver process, we felt that it would be more efficient to pursue FAA Type Certification as a smoother path to validation in these countries since the Type Certified A5 does not require a weight exemption.

What does it mean to be type certified in the Primary Category?

It means that our Type Certified ICON A5’s are manufactured under our Production Type Certificate in line with the FAA’s stringent compliance requirements. In other words, the Type Certified A5 is certified to different and more rigorous standards than the LSA model. Primary Category aircraft are intended to be simpler and recreational in nature, have up to 4 seats, and have a higher weight limit than LSA. However, the Primary Category does not allow for high-performance engines, carrying more than 4 people, or flying for commercial use.

How is the Type Certified version of the A5 different than the S-LSA version? Are the specs the same?

Both aircraft have the same performance specifications. The main difference is that the Type Certified A5 is produced under a Production Type Certification under a higher level of scrutiny and documentation by the FAA. Both aircraft offer the same safety features and are built to the highest standards, however the Certified Edition has gone through a few additional certification steps as required by the FAA.

Why does the Type Certified version cost more than the S-LSA version if it’s essentially the same?

The Type Certified A5 has higher costs in several areas: initial development costs for FAA Type Certification; continued costs to maintain and support the Production Type Certificate relating to additional required documentation; and given that Type Certified A5 is especially intended for the international market, there are additional costs for ICON develop and maintain the infrastructure to support sales, service, and flight training partners outside the U.S. 

What does it mean to be type certified by the FAA as opposed to ASTM Certified?

Before the emergence of LSA’s, General Aviation (GA) aircraft were generally either Type Certified or Experimental. ASTM is an industry standard that has been adopted by a number of countries (including the U.S.) and that has allowed the development of LSA, which has become an important part of GA. In contrast, Type Certified aircraft are Type Certified by the FAA under a Production Type Certification, rather than an industry standard.

If I live in the US, why would I want the Certified Edition over the S-LSA?

The main benefit would be for international travel, for example flying your ICON A5 to islands in the Caribbean, or to fly your A5 if you keep your plane on a yacht when you are in another country. LSA’s don’t have a Type Certificate, and so typically a special permission is required before you can fly in another country, just like if you are flying an Experimental aircraft (there are exceptions, notably the Bahamas, which does allow U.S. LSA’s).

How does service and training work for the Certified Edition?

In terms of flight training outside the U.S., A5 owners can get local flight training in their own Type Certified ICON A5 with a local ICON-trained instructor. ICON designated maintenance facilities will provide warranty support, and for non-warranty work, ICON owners can use any appropriately qualified aircraft maintenance facility. In the U.S., owners of the Type Certified A5 can use our already comprehensive network of ICON Authorized Flight Instructors to get a seaplane rating in their own Type Certified ICON A5, and they can also use our network of ICON Service Partners for maintenance.

Are the purchase and operating agreements the same for the Certified Edition?

The agreements for the Type Certified A5 are based on the LSA agreements.

ICON A5 Features & Specs

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