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Flying for sport is a lifestyle that has to be experienced to be believed.

Chances are, if we asked you to name a sports car or a sport bike, you could do it. But what about a sport plane? The ICON A5 is meant not for commercial or commuter flight, but rather to enjoy the sheer adventure of flying. It turns flying from a mode of transportation to a sport – what flying was meant to be.

Discover Adventure Flying.

Whether you’re seeking your next adventure or you simply want to reinvent the weekend getaway, the A5 makes flying more exciting and more accessible than ever before.


No airport necessary.

Grass strips, secluded beaches, smooth runways… The A5 does it all.
Short Travel

Make Weekends Extraordinary.

The A5 is the ultimate getaway vehicle.

Load. Drive.Fly.

Go where you want when you want.

Share the adventure.

The A5 gets even more amazing with friends.
Land Ops

At home on any airport.

From the biggest airport to the smallest airstrip, the A5 takes you there.

Take boating to a whole new level.

The ICON inflatable dock makes it easy.
Simple Cockpit

Flying made easy.

Intuitive. Ergonomic. Beautifully simple.

Request a Demo Flight.

The ICON A5 delivers an unmatched experience that is redefining aviation. But don’t take our word for it, let’s get you flying.

ICON Events

Check out our most recent and upcoming events. Don’t miss an opportunity to experience the A5 and learn more about Sport Flying from the ICON team.

ICON Composite Technologies To Attend CAMX 2019

ICON Composite Technologies (ICT), maker of the ICON A5 Light Sport Aircraft is an exhibitor at the 2019 Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX) in Anaheim, CA from September 23 – 26. As the manufacturer of the best selling LightSport Aircraft on the market — the ICON A5 — ICT has the capacity, precision equipment, …

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