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ICON Aircraft is Heading to Historic Manhasset Bay, New York

One hundred and ten years ago, the first seaplane touched down in Port Washington’s waters. Glenn Curtiss, Pan American Airways, the EDO Corporation, and Charles Lindbergh are among the litany of legendary names in American aviation whose formative years are connected to Port Washington.

In 1921, LeRoy Grumman set a seaplane altitude record flying above the waters of Manhasset Bay.

After WWI, local elite took up aviation as a hobby. Using their waterside estates to house their flying boats, they experimented with new technology, held air races, and formed aviation country clubs.

At one point, flight was the capstone of achievement of Sands Point. Aviators would commute in their seaplanes as much as they would their fancy boat or expensive automobiles.

Flying along the coast today, you’ll see extensive docks and hangars on the back of Gatsby-style mansions.

Beyond personal use of the seaplane, the town promoted aviation as a means of improving the future of the community and the world. History of this seaplane base has not been forgotten. Speaking to the locals at Butler’s Flat Clam Shack or the Fathoms Hotel & Marina, memories, dreams, and books chronicle the excitement that a seaplane once brought to Manhasset Bay.

Join us as we celebrate the historic seaplane base and the pioneering spirit that Manhasset Bay once knew, with the new age of aviation innovation. Experience the ICON A5 in Long Island, NYC and White Plains this August—retrace history’s footsteps while blazing a new trail from the next generation of amphibious aircraft.

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August 14 – 16

Manhasset Bay | Sands Point (on your sectional) chart
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