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Train in the ICON A5

Flight Training Has Never Been This Fun

The ICON A5 is the perfect airplane to get your feet wet (literally). If you’re already an experienced land plane pilot, you can learn to fly the amphibious A5 at our ICON Flight Center in Tampa, FL or Vacaville, CA in just a few days and discover the exciting world of seaplane operations and splash-and-go landings. You’ll also see how ICON’s spin-resistant airframe and angle of attack gauge make it one of the safest and most innovative recreational aircraft on the market.

If you’ve always dreamed of flying the ICON A5 but didn’t know where to start, reserve an ICON Flight Training slot by placing your deposit below.

How to Begin

No matter your pilot experience, ICON Flight Training is designed to familiarize you with the ICON A5, water flying, and to hone or improve your skills as a safe pilot in the seaplane environment.

Here is how to reserve your flight training experience at ICON Flight Center, Tampa:

• Click the “Add to Cart” button below and provide your contact information.
• Submit a $500 deposit to signify your intent to train with ICON.
• A member of our team will contact you to discuss your goals and schedule your training.

*The Training Deposit is fully refundable if training is unable to begin within 3 months of receipt. For questions or more information, please contact us here.


ICON Flight Training has course options to fit all experience levels and schedules. To maximize your enjoyment, we charge by the experience and not by the hour. Look outside and not at your watch. For example, our half-day experience is about 4 hours and includes approximately an hour of ground instruction, a thorough cockpit familiarization and preflight, a 1.5 hr flight with an ICON Flight Instructor, and a thorough post-flight debrief. During this experience, you’ll get plenty of opportunities for water flying operations and even practice beaching the A5 on a nearby island. The full-day experience includes a second flight, while the multi-day courses focus on continued familiarization and skill building in the water flying environment similar to the ICON A5 Land and Water Transition Courses provided to A5 Owners.

Half Day: $800
Full Day: $1500
Two Day Experience: $3000
Three Day Experience: $4500

*Physical copies of ICON Flight Training Manuals are not required, but can be purchased on the ICON Store for an additional cost

Where You Will Train

Watch a Preview of ICON Flight Training in Tampa