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ICON Aircraft Releases Two Books to Create More Pilots and Draw People into Flying for Fun

Chapter preview for ICON Aircraft's photo book, ICONIC Destinations

40 Hours and ICONIC Destinations elevate ICON’s vision to make personal adventure flying more aspirational and accessible.

TAMPA, Fla., – May 17, 2023 – ICON Aircraft, maker of the revolutionary ICON A5 Light Sport Aircraft, has announced the release of two books – 40 Hours and ICONIC Destinations – which are designed to get more people interested in becoming a pilot, and then guiding and inspiring them throughout their journey. The releases mark the airplane manufacturer’s debut in the book publishing space.

40 Hours offers insights and guidance on how student pilots can take command of their flight training. The core premise is that the FAA requires 40 hours of flight time before earning a private pilot license, but the average student pilot requires twice that much time. With insights from flight instructors, military pilots, airline pilots, and student pilots, 40 Hours addresses how to avoid flight training from lingering on and becoming a burden when it should be an experience of a lifetime. It is available as an eBook, audiobook, and via paperback on Amazon here.

ICONIC Destinations is a premium, coffee-table photo book that chronicles some of the most iconic places that ICON A5 owners, flight instructors, and designers have taken the award-winning aircraft. It is an inspirational look at the world of possibilities and adventures opened up by the versatile ICON A5 and the world of flying for fun brought to life through incredible imagery. It is available on-demand and via ICON’s online store.

“We are constantly interacting with people who are interested in becoming a pilot, especially after they see the ICON A5 in real life,” said Noah Collins, VP of Sales and Service at ICON Aircraft. “These books allow us to connect with a broader audience of dreamers and adventure-seekers so they can learn more about becoming a pilot and be inspired and confident enough to take the first step and see it through to the end.”

ICON Aircraft’s vision is to make personal adventure flying more aspirational and accessible. The company’s first airplane is the ICON A5, which is an amphibious, Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). It is designed to be easy to fly and is one of the safest small airplanes ever built.

“These books are a direct extension of our company vision and of the ICON A5,” said Paul Nyhart, Director of Marketing at ICON. “They are written to help guide and inspire pilots – whether they’re learning to fly the A5 or something else – from their first discovery flight to their final checkride, which is the last step in becoming a licensed pilot.”

ICON Aircraft is based in Vacaville, CA, with primary flight training and sales located in Tampa, FL. It has a network of sales, service, and training experts throughout the U.S., with plans to expand internationally in the coming months. The company began selling the ICON A5 in 2017 and is nearing the completion of its 200th aircraft.