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ICON’s mission is to bring the incredible freedom and adventure of flying to those who want it. Help us continue this mission by growing the ICON flying community. For the mission to succeed, we know we need the support of our partners. With that in mind, we invite you to participate in the ICON Advocate Program. This is an opportunity to introduce new customers to ICON and benefit when they purchase an A5.


$7,500 when a referral you provide purchases a new A5 at MSRP
No limits on the number of referrals/payouts per Advocate.

Interested in introducing your customers to ICON and getting paid when they purchase an A5? Sign up below and a member of our team will contact you for more information.

Connect with us by phone

Our Product Specialists are available to answer any questions you have and help you explore your A5 Partnership.

If you have any direct questions, please contact our sales team at 1.800.577.2379 or visit our FAQ page.

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2141 ICON Way
Vacaville, CA 95688
ph: 1.800.577.2379