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What to Expect from an ICON A5 Demo Flight

The ICON A5 is certainly eye-catching, but was is the experience like flying the A5 from the left seat?

More specifically, we often get questions relating to:

      • What is it like to fly by ICON’s  Angle of Attack (AoA) gauge?

      • Are the A5’s spin-resistant characteristics really that different from similar aircraft in general aviation?

      • Will the A5 fit the flying mission of my local area?

      • How do I get started in flight training and what are a few things that I can expect?

Before taking ownership, ICON offers every potential customer a demo flight in the A5. This is their chance to experience the spin-resistant airframe, stall characteristics, and most importantly, a takeoff and water landing.

In the above 5-minute video, ICON’s Flight Operations team shows you a glimpse at what a demo day looks like for prospective A5 customers, as well as what we try to have both non-pilots and pilots experience on their demo flights.

Interested in an ICON A5 demo flight? You can request a sales demo flight in your area by clicking below.