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Owning an ICON A5

Path to Ownership

We couldn’t be more excited for you to experience the A5 on your upcoming demo flight. As prospective owners fly the ICON A5 and begin to discover what Adventure Flying is all about, the idea of ownership becomes more tangible, which leads to some practical questions about owning and operating an amphibious airplane like the A5.

ICON wants you to have all the information you need to make your decision to realize your dreams and become an A5 owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unique features and a distinct mission allow the A5 to stand out in General Aviation, which also causes some frequently asked questions about the ICON A5. We’ve listed an extensive list of those here.

Locate your Service Provider

The ICON Owner Experience team has built relationships with over 50 ICON Service Partners across the United States. Find the closest location to you.

Securing Space

The incredible off-airport versatility of the A5 and its folding wings gives you several options for storing your airplane. Find out more about storage solutions by clicking below.

How Flight Training Works

ICON Flight Training is a game-changer and becoming an A5 pilot opens up a nearly limitless range of new experiences. Whether you’re new to flying or are an experienced pilot, learn more about ICON Flight Training.

Watch a Customer’s Demo Flight

What Our Owners Are Saying

Mike Sievert: ASN 23

Mike uses his ICON A5 to find new adventures throughout the Seattle area.

Tony Cacciarelli: ASN 57

Tony became ICON’s first owner to fly coast to coast (and back) in his A5.

Steven Bruegger & Joseph Statten: ASN 84

Joseph and Steven share ownership of their A5 in the Pacific Northwest.