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Adventure Flying is the aviation podcast that asks pilots about the greatest adventures they’ve ever had in the air. What did they learn? Did anything not go as planned? And what on earth took them there? For those who have always been enamored by the skies and the adventure of aviation, we hope you enjoy listening to ICON’s Aviation podcast, Adventure Flying. Above is a playlist of our most recent episodes, with descriptions our our recent guests also to be found below.

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Recent Guests

Listen to some of the world’s most experienced pilots

Peter Weber, "The Aviation themed Bachelor" standing next to an A5 Airplane.

“Pilot Pete” Peter Weber

Peter Weber starred on a season of ABC’s “The Bachelor” and also he has close to 5,000 hours as an airline pilot. Listen to what makes flying so special to him, when he realized he was born to become a pilot, and what he says is his greatest adventure.

Jason Miller, one of the best known Certified Flight Instructors in general aviation, leaning against an airplane wing.

“The Finer Points”

Jason is a 2-time CFI of the year and is one of the most prominent flight instructors in the United States. In this episode, we asked Jason for his perspective on how he teaches adventure flying safely.

The Airline Pilot Guy

Capt Jeff Nielson AKA The Airline Pilot Guy hosts one of the most popular aviation podcasts Apple. Listen to his philosophy flying in the cockpit and what makes enjoying aviation such a unique adventure.

“A Chick in the Cockpit” Erika Armstrong

Erika Armstrong aka “A Chick In the Cockpit” is one of the leading voices in the aviation community. Having flown close to 30 different aircraft, from charters for the World Wide Wrestling Federation to corporate business travel around the globe, Erika has countless stories that any aviator would find edifying.

Shot of a C2 Greyhound taking off from an aircraft carrier.

Lt. Noah Collins

Noah has thousands of hours flying the C-2 Greyhound, affectionately known as the “C.O.D”. He was responsible for transporting people on and off the ship, from sailors to celebrities. These are his most memorable flights.

Why did ICON Create an Aviation Podcast?

Adventure Meets Safety

ICON Aircraft created the A5 to bring the adventure of flight to as many people as possible. With close to 150 owners now flying A5s across the country and dozens of safety and training partners, ICON has had the privilege of getting to know some of the most experienced pilots in aviation. Given our unique access to military, general, and commercial aviation, we launched the Adventure Flying Podcast to celebrate the adventure of flying—by better understanding how fun flying can be, through the lens of personal safety.

Each episode highlights a pilot’s unique experience recounting a particular adventure, and how their background as a pilot either taught them a lesson or allowed them to enjoy it in ways they can barely describe. We hope you enjoy the lessons learned and the experiences told through the Adventure Flying podcast.

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